Don’t Let It Hit You Like a Freight Train.

When you have any form of mental illness, it’s so hard to now allow your triggers to get triggered. It’s all too easy to allow yourself to give in to the darkness that is approaching. You have 2 choices when that darkness is staring you straight in the face: 1. You can walk into it. You can allow yourself to be hurt and triggered. Or 2. You can run away from it. You don’t allow yourself to be triggered.
How can you allow yourself to not be triggered? You can distract yourself. You can be proactive and do something positive and benefiting to you and even others. The past few weeks, I’ve been learning how to not let things get to me. It’s not easy and it takes a lot of practice. Finding healthy ways to cope with what’s bothering you is vital in healing. Whether your mental illness is long term or temporary, I cannot stress enough how VITAL it is to know healthy coping mechanisms. I use the word “vital” because it means life or death. When you go to the doctors and the medical assistant takes your temperature, blood pressure, pulse, etcetra… They’re measuring your health to determine if you’re basic health is good or not. If your vitals are off, it’s concerning and your doctor needs to figure out what’s wrong and find a way to fix the problem.

Coping can happen in multiple ways, good and bad. You want to benefit yourself and your situation, not make matters worse because in the end you’re the one who suffers… no one else.  It’s not easy finding your ways, but when you do I promise you it’s worth it. Your struggles are worth the reward. 

For me, talk therapy is very beneficial for me. When I’m talking to someone about what’s bothering me, I can sometimes find the answers to what I’m looking for. I get the comfort I need because I’m able to talk it through and there a someone there to help me find the words I may be missing, which is sometimes the key to solving the problems. Having a neutral person who doesnt know you but on the most personal level that isn’t sexual or intimate. They know your inner demons and darkest secrets if you allow them in. You can trust that one person to keep what’s said just between the two of you. 

Lately, exercise had been a huge outlet for me. I have this new-found energy and motivation that gets me going unlike before. I crave it. When I don’t listen to the cravings to exercise, I get really down. Sometimes it’s easy to give in and be down, but it’s then tgat it gets so hard to get back out of it. This is when know what your triggers are and healthy ways to cope is vital. 

Know yourself well enough to know and understand your limits. Know yourself well enough to know when enough is enough. Know yourself well enough to stay away from your vise when you’re in a dark place because of you don’t, I can guarantee you it’ll feel impossible to get yourself back into the light. 

Trust yourself. Know yourself. Believe in yourself. 


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